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Coordination project

The National Coordination Project

  • Implementation in 2008-2013
  • Part of the ESF Operational Programme in mainland Finland / Action Programme on information services, advice and guidance for adult education and training projects which started 2008
  • Funded by European Social Fund and administered by The Center Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Southeast Finland
  • Coordinated by JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä, Finland

The National coordination project

  • Supports and guides the development of career guidance and counselling for adults
  • Is responsible for the coordination, follow-up and dissemination of the national action programme
  • Acts as a bridge-builder between different administrative authorities
    The aim of National coordination project is to make the projects and the different branches of administration behind the projects to interact and work together. This will be achieved through e.g. workshops, personal contacts, shared training and regional meetings.

As results of the coordination project

  • national and regional projects form a network and will be supported in their content development
  • results of the different sub-programmes and parts have been collected, documented and disseminated
  • the projects of the Action Programme are aware of each others' work as well as the development done on the European and the national scale
  • and also, the Action Programme has a strategy.

The action programme includes over 40 regional Opin ovi projects and 10 national projects: Projects that support the development work are ERKKERI and STUDIO as educational projects, NUOVE project which develops electronic services for guidance and counseling and includes also the research-oriented sub-projects, Laituri project and the coordination project. The regional projects aim to holistic regional guidance and counceling strategies, where guidance and counceling is seen as an important part of regional development in means of providing enough skilled labour. The role of the coordination project is to support regional projects in their efforts and also act as a portal between national (Ministry of Education and Ministry of Employment and the Economy) and regional level.

The national projects and the regional Opin ovi -projects all have the same goal: give more and better career guidance and counseling for adults.

Contact information

JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Auli Ryhänen,

The National coordination project - coordinating networking in guidance and counseling for adults in Finland