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Opin ovi - The National Programme
of Guidance and Counselling Services for Adults

Piirros40 regional projects
10 national projects
3 composite programmes
1 National Coordination Project

We offer information, guidance and counselling services to those who

These services are developed by the Opin ovi (Door to Learning) projects across Finland. 

Our goal is to develop educational counselling and professional guidance services so that they meet the needs of all working-age adults and improve the availability of skilled workforces in the different regions of Finland. We are working to accomplish this by e.g. building new kinds of service models, enabling cooperation in the guidance services sector and improving the skills of guidance personnel. 

The Opin ovi programme is coordinated by the National Coordination Project. Its job is to gather information about the results and good practices created by the regional Opin ovi projects, and distribute this information at national level. The National Coordination Project (1.8.2008-31.12.2013) is managed by the Teacher Education College of the JAMK University of Applied Sciences and funded by the European Social Fund and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Southeast Finland.