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Get acquainted with the Opin ovi family



What is the Opin ovi family and what does it do? This short video introduction answers both these questions.


The Steering and Coordinating Group for Lifelong Guidance



The Steering and Coordinating Group for Lifelong Guidance promotes access to information, guidance and councelling services in Finland. Learn more about the group by watching our video introduction.


Experts weigh in on the future of guidance in our interviews



Every once in a while, we get the chance to interview international experts in the field of guidance. In this video, Florida State University professor James P. Sampson talks about how he sees the role of information technology in guidance as well as gives his views on the work of the Opin ovi programme in Finland.



Here Peter Plant, associate professor of Aarhus University in Denmark, discusses projects and rooting their results into practice, the guidance situation within the Nordic countries, and the future of guidance.